Digital craftsmen by experience.
Carefully constructing your site, one brick at a time.

About us
Because we only have daughters and they don’t mind.

We are Dickytall, your digital contractor. Minus the builder’s bum, plus the expertise in bits and bytes. We’re pretty hands-on, no-nonsense and not afraid to get our hands dirty.

See, building a website or a webshop is much like building a house. First of all, our architect will sit down with you to draw up the outlines of your dream house. Then our interior architect will work his magic, giving the building its distinct look by choosing the bricks, the windows, etc. Think: colours, fonts, or things like where to put your logo.

Next up are our developers: brick by brick and letter by letter they’ll whip up the code for your website to shine.

Lo and behold: your turnkey house! And with our expertise SEO, social media and advertising, we make sure your crib will be the talk of town, with plenty of neighbors and customers knocking on your door.

Our growing list of people and brands.

Boondoggle, Headoffice, LDV United, MMBSY, Dallas, Duval Union, Trouble, Eurotranspharma, Miele, Cofidis, VTM, Credishop, Évidence, Renson, Di, BE-OO-KAY, Blokker, Coverrisk, Volvo, Belgian Paralympic Committee, ...

No BS with the guys of Dickytall. They work decisively, to the point and deliver in accordance with an agreed timing and with a powerful and creative finish. The after-sales support is also second to none. They give me consumer confidence, way better than any Belgian government.

David J. Vroome — Boss Coverlaw

As a creative agency, we need a production partner who thinks along creatively and who looks for the implementation that best suits our concept. Whether it concerns small campaign elements, complex websites or webshops, we work almost exclusively with Dickytall.

Bart Verschueren — Managing Director Friendship

Dickytall has the surprising power to overdeliver every time. Hands on and with a keen eye on budget and timing. For an agency as Duval Branding we like to work with them because they offer us the peaceful feeling of taking care of things.

Marc Wellens — Managing Director Duval Branding

Dickytall is one of our preferred partners to work on separate projects outside the normal scope of our internal IT department. They add the extra manpower where a lot of flexibility is needed to deliver in time.

Jens Van Eyseren — Product Manager DPGMedia

You can rely on Dickytall. Communication is always smooth and clear, they work at a brisk pace when necessary and quality is never lost sight of. Our teams enjoy working with them.

Petra De Roos — Managing Director LDV

The agency developed our website and developed different digital products together with us, for our clients. Their business understanding, swift service, quick responsiveness, and collaborative mindset is a joy in digital developments.

Mie Van der Auwera — Managing Director Mmbsy

The guys from Dickytall are very reactive, respect our brand and come up with creative proposals. They think along with us as a company on how we can achieve our objectives. Years later, we’re still happy with them as a digital partner.

MARCOM Team — Cofidis

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