We’re pretty hands-on,
no-nonsense and not afraid
to get our hands dirty.

Because we only have daughters and they don’t mind.


We are an Antwerp-based digital agency with the values of a small old-school family business – without the actual family part, that is. We’re pretty hands-on, no-nonsense and not afraid to get our hands dirty.

Honest and a fan of speaking face to face. Always putting our plans right on the table where you can see them, while we roll up our sleeves and make sure to get the job done. One brick at a time, carefully constructing the site you want, for a fair price.

Our designer asked us to write more copy in order to perfect his design and give more body to the text. Instead of using fancy words and patting ourselves on the back, we’ll fill this paragraph with nonsense and other mumbo-jumbo. He’s happy, we’re happy. Perfect.

Either way, no hidden surprises. No smooth-talking or selling you stuff you don’t need. Just a good share of common sense with a bit of rock ‘n roll mixed into it.

Our know-how


  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Analysis
  • Roadmap


  • Customer Journey
  • Wireframing
  • Prototyping
  • UX & UI
  • Functional Analysis
  • Technical Analysis


  • Design & User Interface
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Intranet & Extranet
  • Display banners


  • Content Marketing
  • SEO / SEA
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Conversion Optimalisation
  • KPI-Dashboard

Digital strategy and advice

Digital analysis

We do the math for you. With a thorough analysis of your online presence. Are you already out there? And who can see you? This gives us a clear view on the current position of your company, your sector, your needs and last but certainly not least: your wishes. All great parameters with crystal-clear data that will help us to map out the best online approach for you.

Digital strategy

At Dickytall, ‘strategy’ is not just some hot air. It’s a very specific action plan and an absolute must in these digital days. For both the major players, as the little fish. If you know your company strategy, you know your digital strategy. So we look back, analyze the bottlenecks and learnings from the past, get a clear view on those opportunities, pin down your objectives and how we will tackle them.


A good planning is priceless, and so are clear agreements in a scope. No hocus pocus here with extra costs and unforeseen surprises. We meticulously map out what we will do, how we will do it, how much it will cost you and when you will get it. In short: a detailed roadmap.

Information architecture

Customer Journey

So things are about to get real: we’re in a relationship now. A customer relationship, that is. So it’s key to keep in touch, to let our relationship evolve and keep you informed from the first till the last step in the building process. Just making sure we can anticipate possible bumps along the road, and always keep you in the loop for the next phase.

Wireframes & Prototypes

You wouldn’t build a house without a plan, would you? Skipping steps can cost you dearly, like those annoying orphan IKEA-screws when you’ve decided to go full freewheel on the assembling part. Same for your site. The better the plan or the wireframes, the more efficient the building process. Needless to say how successful your website will be!

Functional Analysis

Dibs on clear communication! We want to make sure all parties (developers, designers, copywriters) building your ‘digital house’ are on the same page. So before kicking off, we will make a functional analysis. This is the script that all parties concerned will be using to build your website, your mobile application or enterprise application. No bicker needed.

Technical Analysis

One for all and all for one! Those days where one single tech nerd would finish your project from A to Z are long gone. Today, a whole team of analysts, front-end developers and back-end developers will team up to get your website, mobile application and enterprise software just right, using ever-changing modern software. So before we kick-off, we make sure our team of tech nerds gets a detailed technical analysis to be as efficient as possible.

Design and development

Design & User Interface

This is where things get real fun, since your project is finally getting a face. We’re finetuning the look and feel of your website, transforming the wireframes into visual designs that will reflect nicely the lay-out and interactions of the different templates (or pages). You’ll also get a sneak peek on the responsive design, or what your site will look like on different devices. At this stage, all the elements are being put into place, which will have a big impact on the user friendliness of your site.


Let’s be honest: your customers, current and future, can be a tad lazy. Swiftly clicking away from their couch. So it’s up to us to get you out there, to make sure you’re visible, clickable, professional and loveable of course. When looking for your services or products, it’s your website that should pop up. Therefore, your online presence is key. Your customer wants to know what he can buy, where, when and how much is left. A web shop is also part of an e-commerce strategy. It’s open 24/7, so you can sell day and night.

Mobile Applications

Thou shall not fall into the app trap. You might madly, badly, deeply want a mobile app, but you might not actually need one. What’s your goal? Informing your users? Then stick with a responsive site. Or perhaps you want to offer your users a handy tool, so they can use your services anywhere, anytime? Then go for it. We’ll make sure to advice you – wait for it – aptly. ;)

Web Applications

A web application might be the thing for you. Accessible via any web browser, running on internet, and no need to download it. You can opt between letting your user log in or freely use the application. The data are being saved online, so you have access to the same data, on every device with an internet connection. We make sure the web application does exactly what you want, so your users will love it.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are designed for a professional environment, and are often crucial to carry out and expand your business. Our expertise will make your application reliable, expandable and safe. Including a smooth and swift connection between your website or mobile app and your internal infrastructure or external services. Because we all hate to wait.

Intranet & Extranet

Looking for a handy company communication tool to share information with your coworkers quickly and safely? Then intranet is your thing. An extranet is a handy tool to quickly share secured info with your customers, partners and/or suppliers.

Launch and optimalisation

Search Engine Optimalisation

You gotta strut that stuff! So you show that beautiful website we designed for you in all its glory to as many people, through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It’s a process where you optimize various factors on your website, so you improve your position and pop up quickly in search engines like Google. Because you want to attract the right visitors that will get you that much-wanted conversion, right?

Email Marketing

Fancy sending out newsletters? Enter the email! It’s a great way to stay in touch with your customers, not to mention lots of fun when you’re writing them. Not very experienced in the newsletter department? No worries, we’re there to take the plunge into email marketing with you.

Search Engine Advertising

Sometimes subtle is the best way to go. Search Engine Advertising (or SEA) will get you that. Its strength? Showing up at the top of the search result, subtly attracting your (potential) customer with inviting ads. A great way to target your audience, like customers, visitors and search engines.

Social Media Advertising

A cheeky social media check a few times a day? Guilty, and so are most people. Social media play a big part in our lives, so we might as well use it strategically. If you know where your target group hangs out, then that’s where you need to be. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram of Pinterest.

Conversion Optimalisatie

You want the right people at the right place. Visitors that will actually hang around, come back and take action, whether it’s buying your products or hiring your services. Enter conversion! It takes the right skills to aptly perform a conversion optimization, but done right, it can get your company quite the advantage. We come up up with a clear plan, as we do. One that we constantly monitor and adjust. We’ll observe the visitor’s behavior (which sounds creepier than it is). Through A/B testing, or heat mapping for example. Like this, we can bump up your conversion.

KPI Dashboard

‘So, does our online marketing work?’. Instead of analyzing a gazillion different numbers from Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Facebook Business Manager, e-mail marketing campains or Hotjar, we just use one tool: A tailor-made KPI dashboard, clustering the most important data sources in an organized and visual way. A real asset for your company, not that time you’ll gain. You can thank us later.

We work with


We specialize in Wordpress, Craft and Drupal CMS integration. Built for big corporations, media companies, the public sector and SME customers. In combination with a tailor-made strategy and follow-up process to enhance conversion and digital branding.

Different kinds of technologies

Integration and collaboration with third party suppliers & systems on request is a no brainer. We're experienced in building scalable websites. In other words, serving hundreds or millions of users over short spans of time. Think about technologies like WooCommerce, Laravel, React, Vue.js... and more.

Our growing list of people and brands.

Boondoggle, Headoffice, LDV United, MMBSY, Dallas, Duval Union, Trouble, Eurotranspharma, Miele, Cofidis, VTM, Credishop, Évidence, Renson, Di, BE-OO-KAY, Blokker, Coverrisk, Volvo, Belgian Paralympic Committee, ...

No BS with the guys of Dickytall. They work decisively, to the point and deliver in accordance with an agreed timing and with a powerful and creative finish. The after-sales support is also second to none. They give me consumer confidence, way better than any Belgian government.

David J. Vroome — Boss Coverlaw

As a creative agency, we need a production partner who thinks along creatively and who looks for the implementation that best suits our concept. Whether it concerns small campaign elements, complex websites or webshops, we work almost exclusively with Dickytall.

Bart Verschueren — Managing Director Friendship

Dickytall has the surprising power to overdeliver every time. Hands on and with a keen eye on budget and timing. For an agency as Duval Branding we like to work with them because they offer us the peaceful feeling of taking care of things.

Marc Wellens — Managing Director Duval Branding

Dickytall is one of our preferred partners to work on separate projects outside the normal scope of our internal IT department. They add the extra manpower where a lot of flexibility is needed to deliver in time.

Jens Van Eyseren — Product Manager DPGMedia

You can rely on Dickytall. Communication is always smooth and clear, they work at a brisk pace when necessary and quality is never lost sight of. Our teams enjoy working with them.

Petra De Roos — Managing Director LDV

The agency developed our website and developed different digital products together with us, for our clients. Their business understanding, swift service, quick responsiveness, and collaborative mindset is a joy in digital developments.

Mie Van der Auwera — Managing Director Mmbsy

The guys from Dickytall are very reactive, respect our brand and come up with creative proposals. They think along with us as a company on how we can achieve our objectives. Years later, we’re still happy with them as a digital partner.

MARCOM Team — Cofidis